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Zapraszamy również na polsko-języczne Forum


Started by Wilds, October 18, 2015, 01:15:51 PM

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Hallo, my name is Nicola from Italy
SparkyLinux is perfect distro child of mother Debian.


Ciao, Wilds from Italy!   

Welcome to SparkyLinux forum.  SparkyLinux is an awfully lot of fun, and we hope you have a wonderful time here.

Which version, or flavor, of SparkyLinux did you decide to explore first --LXDE, Xfce, LXQt,..?

I'm running Xfce right now, and it's terrific! ;)



I use xfce D.E, according to the best.

greetings perknh


Ciao Wilds,

It's a great DE --very customization.  I go between LXDE and Xfce.  I like them both.

My grandmother's family was from the Naples area of Italy, and my wife speaks Spanish and understands Italian quite well. :)

I'm happy to see you've discovered Sparky.  Es la verdad que Vd. nos dijo, "Sparky es el perfecto distro niño de la madre Debian!"

It's true what you said to us:

QuoteSparkyLinux is perfect distro child of mother Debian. --Wilds

¡Muy bien dicho! o Well said!


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