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System crashes after update

Started by Peter, October 09, 2015, 09:50:43 AM

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Not sure if this is chip specific. My computer freezez and/or firefox/chrome crashes. Running newest sparkylinux 4.1 on a system with J1900 SoC.

Solution freeze
Turn off hardware acceleration in firefox (Tools > Options > Advanced > General > Browsing: "Use hardware acceleration when available" )

Firefox still crashes but no freeze anymore. Hope this issue will be solved soon. I cannot watch any video in browser for now :-(


Solution 2

Turn on Flash Video on Youtube not HTML5. Video plays without crash but full screen on dual screen shows wrong dimension. Looks like it's Hardware dependant as nobody else seems to have the same problem.


Above two solutions didn't work had still random freezes. Turning off hardware acceleration for XServer works:



Still the same problem with newest Sparky 4.2 (Kernel 4.3.0). Disabling hardware acceleration is the only solution to avoid crashes.

Sometimes firefox crashed with HTML5 video (no problems with flash). Newest ff version 43.0.3 disables hardware acceleration by default. No ff crashes anymore!

Right now my systems doesn't crash at all with the price of slower graphics (hardware acceleration disabled).

Will come back to this post once the issue has changed.



Latest Kernel still freezes. According to this thread 4.1x Kernel seems to be fine:

Is it possible to install Kernel 4.1.3? Wich 'apt' command?

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