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Automatic Updating? [SOLVED]

Started by perknh, October 03, 2015, 08:06:01 PM

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Hello my old friends at Sparky,

I'm curious whether or not SparkyLinux will notify me of automatic updates in the same way that the Ubuntu-based distributions do.  I'm so habituated to updating, upgrading, and dist-upgrading manually, that I've never really known the answer to this question.  I'm particularly interested in immediate security updates.  Does SparkyLinux notify its uses of necessary updates?  I ask this because I can't seem to find an update manager that can offer me a way to have updates delivered. (I know upgrades are a different subject altogether.)

By the way, Sparky's 64-bit Xfce is absolutely wonderful.  Thank you for all the work you put into making Xfce look so nice and work so well.  A hint:  Those flat icons and the Xfce-Stellar style are a good-looking combination.

Thank you so much,



I woke up this morning and remembered that I had read something about this subject from Debian's FAQ quite some time ago.

Here are some answers to this question. ;)

and Section 9.1.2 of this link too:

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