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Hannspree HDMI micro PC Intel Stick clone

Started by nabilh2020, September 13, 2015, 09:48:39 PM

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This is one of those that has a 64bit  Atom processor, but only a 32 bit UEFI capability.

I wanted to get the flexibility of Linux on it, so Sparky 586 was the only available option with their grub 32bit UEFI loader.

However the problem are drivers, Bluetooth and WiFi, which are both Realtek hardware.

Any insight / success on this?


Answering myself -

I managed to get wifi working using an external wifi usb dongle, by Edimax,

however bluetooth does not work even with an external very compatible dongle, it shows the bluetooth icon, says disabled,
but when I click to enable it, it stays disabled :(

Here is a link to the dmesg:


Again answering me ;)

Solved for external usb dongle using blueman instead of the shipped available bluetooth-mate that does not work, so removed bluetooth-mate completely then installed blueman with synaptic.

Of course as I said, it will be nicer to have the integrated hardware drivers instead of adding usb's like a spider :)

Here is the note that prompted me to do so (from a mate forum):

mate-bluetooth has been dropped in favor of blueman, but there is no stable release available atm. You should replace it with another bluetooth client, like xcfe4-bluetooth for example.
Blueman should be available with 1.10. Sorry for troubles

I have both BT & WiFi with external usb dongles.

before that I used ethernet through a usb to ethernet dongle ;)


so far only BT mouse pairs successful

BT keyboard recognised, but cannot pair

so blueman still in need of progress.


yeah, a lot of the edimax - Hawking usb wlifi's are opensouorce.  Question - do you have non-free enabled in your /etc/apt/sources .list  ? 

What is your network-manager?  wicd, nm-cl,i network-manager-blah  connman, direct configuration of the systemd files?  I use connman myself/

What flavour of sparky are you using.

connman and ofono for the cell phone.  and a bluetooh daemon should be sufficient IF you choose to go connman.  Gui's are available.  Network-manager-foo should have all you need and in a gui - BUT I have no idea how NM is doing at this time with the libstdc++6 transition. 

Note - if you are using the kde flavour of sparky, you have entered one of the most chaotic transitions in history, KF5 transition was started just prior to the libstdc++6 transition. 

sudo journalctl -b -0 will give you some good logs.  You can pipe via grep for searches - i.e. sudo journalctl -b -0  | grep network

If asking for help on any debian-irc don't mention sparky.  If you are not sure about your /etc/apt/sources.list - post it here. 

I  am leaving on holidays, see mum dad. Peace out
Search forum for "More info easier via inxi"    If requested -  no inxi, no help for you by  me.


Hey  paxmark1

Thanks, but I solved my problem by installing the Ubuntu that ships for the Intel Compute stick, through the help on this link:

It gives me Ubuntu 14.10 x64 on a usb stick dual booting with Windows using a 32bit uefi loader,

and everything works, all integrated wifi, bt, audio, etc

It will be interesting to see Sparky taking the challenge for 32bit hdmi sticks ;)

By the way I tested the Mate version 4 of Sparky, not KDE.

So for me with Ubuntu from Intel Compute Stick, problem solved :)


uefi to me is a "black box" that I know nothing about, I only have older computers.  So when I post, I mostly only post my previous trials and solutions. 

It will be interesting in seeing how Ubuntu pulls their Debian testing base into the 15.10.  My guess is that they will take from July 31st and nothing after.  MATE seems nice.  You have a good system to learn on and also be productive on.  And if you ever have a spare computer and want to see the new software and watch how it is introduced, Debian testing is good and Sparky is the best venue to use to run testing from Debian.

peace out
Search forum for "More info easier via inxi"    If requested -  no inxi, no help for you by  me.


I use one USB stick per O/S, I test many :) just for the lulz.


This time I have installed Sparky 4 Mate x64 version on another usb dongle, currently upgrading it through its system.

So far no improvement on the 32bit, i.e. I still have to use usb to get WiFi, BT and Audio.

There is a DSDT patch for Audio HDMI, I tried it in x86 with no success, maybe it will work on x64.

Progress on these later, I will also attach the script to  attach the DSDT script maybe someone can look into it :)

It will be nice and helpful if  Sparky is made compatible with the Intel compute sticks (and its clones).


I got Wifi working in both Chromixium and Sparky with this:
For WiFi:

Installing the RTL8723BS Wifi device

A working internet connection is required for the first two steps below:

    sudo apt-get install build-essential linux-headers-generic git
    git clone     cd rtl8723bs
    sudo make install
    sudo depmod -a
    sudo modprobe r8723bs

no Bluetooth yet. and no audio.

of course I could just stick with the working Ubuntu, but Sparky and Chromixium are very nice :)


Very sad, you claim here that you will give loads of feedback for installation, but all I end up with is a monologue :(

So not interested to have your system working on Intel Baytrail processors?


It's not a question of not interesting, but a question of time.
I have a very busy time now so sorry for not answering.
Nothing is easy as it looks. Danielle Steel
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OK thanks,

in case someone has time, as I am not a coder, here are the needed drivers / packages names for the Intel Compute Stick:









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