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Login Problem

Started by seppalta, August 26, 2015, 08:47:32 PM

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Have Openbox Base with Lightdm set to login without password.  Suddenly today after months of trouble-free use, login screen appears.  I put-in my password but it refuses to recognize it.  Same result trying to login with console.  Booted to install disk and changed the lightdm.conf associated with the installed system back to password mode but that changed nothing.  How can I boot into the installed system without going through lightdm so that I can try to correct the problem?  Or is there another way to correct it?


So wait you don't know your password then ?
If that is it then

I would suggest booting recovery mode .. logging in as root ..

and resetting the password
Like So
Replace userneme with your username

# passwd  username

If not, you may try  a
#  apt-get remove --purge lightdm lightdm-gtk-greeter

The next line will wipe all deb files from the apt cache, so don't do it if you need anything in there
# apt-get clean           

# apt-get install lightdm lightdm-gtk-greeter


I do know my password, but your suggestion gave me an idea which appears to have led to a solution, so, thanks.  I had logged in as root but it only kept me on the terminal.  This time I tried opening with  Recovery Mode via Advanced Options, and that got me a display and some kind of pseudo lxde system in which there was no openbox root menu.  The complete lxde-core is not installed but a number of lxde components are.  So I removed lightdm and lightdm-gtk-greeter and re-installed them without much gain.  Similarly for changing passwords.  Next I installed Slim, made it the default display manager and successfully opened the pseudo-lxde system as an ordinary user, but it identified, but wouldn't open, the openbox session.  Finally I re-installed openbox, and that seemed to get everything back to normal except with slim as display manager, which is ok with me as I like slim better than lightdm.  Now to see what tomorrow brings.

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