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image buffer? not sure if i can explain this but here is a try[solved upstream]

Started by crypto, August 17, 2015, 04:52:20 AM

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So, after after watching a video, look at a picture ... anything that uses images, flash, even from VLC .. including games such as Civ 5 ..

the images show up inside menus, and flash on the screen sometimes, they last for a very long time and in the same spot... Oh and screen shots don't show the current screen, I can take a shot but it's in the past ..... ..... I mean the menus work, but the image flashes first and then the menu shows up.
if i swich desktops while playing Civ 5 (for linux no wine), and some other linux games... and go back the game shows up for a few secs, then the screen goes black, but it's not crashed, if i go back to the other desktop, it looks fine ... but to get the game to work again, and have the screen stay "proper" I have to quit and reload ....

I just noticed as well that if i full screen VLC the the picture disappears after a sec or two, i can see the desktop sometimes others just a still image from the video,  however can't use the desktop,  until i double click again, to set VLC back to the windowed mode, which also restores the video. 

I just thought to that maybe it is because i'm using fglrx (the ATI periatory)  ... which i have to do or i can't play CIV 5... it tells me missing GLX.. but i do seem to remember being able to before .... I have tried update-alternatives --config glx... 

So, i think it's a issue with the codecs maybe? buffer flush or something but i'm not sure...

So what i am really asking dose someone know what i'm talking about?
If so what can I do to correct it ?

It has happened before, but was fixed before I could ask about it... The problem happened after an update to a few things ... however i think the package  libavcodec56 is at fault ... but i am not sure as i said ...

------------- After an update to x-sever it seems to be working fine again, so i gather it was something in there ...  great to know, but i would still sorta like to know what got changed if someone knows...  and yes after a few tests it is indeed working just fine again ...

Thanks for your time,


Quote from: carlo on August 17, 2015, 10:52:26 PM
how's Civ5?

Its good, well thought out, good diplomacy  They fixed a lot of the things that made things unbalanced before ... such as you can't stack units anymore, and older teck units can't kill tanks now.   I don't know if you played the old CIVS, but sometimes in the old game you get a single promoted unit from the classical era able to kill off tanks, with an ax... that has been fixed.

the addition of city states as well... theres lots i'm not putting here.. But if you liked the old CIV then you'll like CIV 5 even more.

The only thing is you do need the the I386 libraries, to run the game, So there is a lot to pull down from upstream so if HD space is a issue then that can be a drag..   

I think that covers it, unless you have a directed question.



Ive loved civ and civ2
then i've played Alpha Centauri and Call to power and all of my enthusiams faded away..
I have even bought Civ 4 or Civ 5, i don't remember, but i've never played it so far... Sort of thank you for Sid Meyer

yup: you've been very exhaustive


Ya call to power was not done well, I agree ... that is why i "try" before i buy now.  that way I know that I'm paying for something i do want.

But ya if you liked the old  Sid Meyer ones, then I bet you would like this one too.

It was not just slapped together..

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