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install kde4 and not plasma5

Started by reup, August 07, 2015, 02:22:56 PM

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I am using sparky for some time and last I did a 'apt-get update-upgrade-dist-upgrade' I end up with plasma5, this I dont want and am trying to revert to kde4

I have removed all kde and plasma package (apt-get remove 'kde*' 'plasma*') then install kde-full and I am back with plasma5.

any idea what I should do to block plasma and keep kde ?




I don't think you can do it using Sparky/Debian testing.
The transition is in process so it can be difficult to downgrade KDE now.
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that is sad, I dislike plasma, also it is not complete yet,
many things are missing, specially the possibility to me it look as I like.
one of the great think about KDE is the multiple settings, plasma is missing all this  for now

anyway, thanks for your time and your reply.


Yes, sadly.  One option for tracking KDE in testing and sid is (was) the repo in Siduction called kdenext maintained by Santa.  However KDE is extremely tied into C++ and it will be weeks before the libstdc++6 transition is finished. 
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