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I liky Sparky

Started by HighFive, July 31, 2015, 03:43:58 AM

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Hello folks! Not new to Linux, but I am new to Sparky. Well, I installed Sparky 3.6, 64bit MATE edition about two months ago. I like it being based on Debian testing,  and with a tool to easily keep the system up to date! That's very nice. I also like all of the other custom Sparky tools. They make managing the system very easy. I'll give pavroo a big high five for all of the tools and other Sparky customizations. Makes it a very usable distribution. So far I have not had any issues with my install, very stable and usable. Head over to the screenshots forum here: to see my current desktop. I'm liking Sparky Linux very much.
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I completely agree with you. The same has been my experience. I just fell in love with Sparky after noticing that there were no bugs. Other linux distros gave me the creep even it's only single error, usually system failure and I never knew how to fix it until I matured as a Pro Linux User after using Sparky for several months without any bugs.
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