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So many applets in my SparkyLinux LXDE

Started by Slyvester, July 17, 2015, 05:58:38 PM

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When I look at the task-bar at the lower corner of the screen, I can see that I've got 4 applets "Network Manager 1.0.2" and a little further to the right another applet Network Manager again !
I checked the posts regarding this problem but they all talk about "no applet or apllet missing" like this one :,3192.0.html.
I'm using the defaults LXDE settings, no Wi-Fi (desktop Packard-Bell next to the modem) and simply using an Ethernet cable.
In Synaptic, I can see that Applet Network Manager 1.0.2 + network-manager-gnome are installed.
Before posting, I tried to uninstall some these nm-applets via /usr/bin/sparky-autostart. From the "Custom autostart editor", I see "nm-applet Network Manage your network connections" four times. I tried to Click right on one item to delete it , but it didn't work.
Anyway, it's not so boring but I'd like to get rid of some of those unnecessary applets.
How can I get to the "autostart editor" via leafpad or gedit to get the job done ?


Looks like you have created a few launchers via Sparky Custom Autostart already.
Show me what is inside in autostart directory:
ls /home/user/.config/autostart
Change "user" for your user name.
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Hi Pavroo,

Sorry for answering so late but yesterday I was tired of looking around tryng to find a solution to my problem. Anyway, here is what's inside the autostart directory :
slyvester@slyvester-desktop:~$ ls /home/slyvester/.config/autostart
0Conky.desktop       2(null).desktop   4Network.desktop     6Network.desktop
1Parcellite.desktop  3Network.desktop  5Parcellite.desktop  7Network.desktop


Here is how my " /home/slyvester/.config/autostart " looks like today (screen shot) :

It seems like everytime I tried to delete one applet, I added one line instead.


There are 4 files look like starting nm-applet:
Check the content of the files, if:
remove all the files from the directory.
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Thanks for your answer. In the meantime & according to the few indications found on Google/Firefox, I opened the four files "nm-applet": "3Network.desktop + 4Network.desktop + 6Network.desktop + 7Network.desktop" and indicated in each "NoDisplay=true". This didn't work because upon next boot = the 4 unwanted "nm-applets" showed up again.
Now, I just followed your advice and I deleted the 4 nm-applets files from the directory " /home/slyvester/.config/autostart". Good surprise on the next reboot (which is now ! ) : no unnescessary "nm-applet" any more. That's actually what I thought at first : to simply remove all these nm-applets.
One last thing, I noticed something that could explain the source of my problem : I have another applet on the taskbar which is : "Network Manager Wicd". Should I remove "Wicd" via synaptic or just leave it ? Up to now, nobody in my surrounding is complaining about it ... Let me know what you think of it and you'll get - from me - the rest of the week-end off.
Many thanks for your help, Pavroo !


If you have installed 'network-manager-gnome' and 'wicd' packages, you can remove one of them.
Network Manger Gnome is Sparky's default network manager so you can uninstall Wicd, but it's your choice.
Nothing is easy as it looks. Danielle Steel
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That's exactly what I thought : there is too much crowd in my Network Managing System. I'm going to keep the Default Network Manager Gnome and remove Wicd.
Many thanks, Pavroo & enjoy your week-end !


It was quite common to go to 2 nm-applets in #!(CrunchBang).   Updates would put a new instanceinto one autostart location and not remove from another autostart location for openbox. 

Search forum for "More info easier via inxi"    If requested -  no inxi, no help for you by  me.

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