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4.0 LXQT incomplete translation to spanish?

Started by ElQuia, July 13, 2015, 09:38:24 PM

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Hi Everybody, just installed Sparky 4.0 lxqt 32 bits on a pentium 4 with 512 mb RAM, works OK, but I  Did the installation selecting SPANISH as language, and a LOT of items remain in ENGLISH, for example (just two):

The "Leave" Menu, it´s still LEAVE and all sub items are in english
LibreOffice, all apps retain english menus

Is there a way to put ALL menus in spanish?? :o

Edit: I know I can download spanish menus for libreoffice with synaptic. But I have a LOT of old machines to install, and I very much would prefer a integral system wide way of installing everything in spanish system wide on first, clean install. Can it be done in sparky lxqt???


I am not sure the translation is complite.
I made testing installation in Polish and it was the same as yours.
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Is it an lxqt problem or a debian problem? I mean maybe some sort of script could solve it?
I am not sure about debian, I know that on ubuntu an derivates when you do a spanish install usually AFTER install you must do language config, install lang packages and establish the language order o priortity. Once you do that (and reboot) ALL APPS and system menus appear in the selected language.

I guess (???) debian must have something similar?


I would suppose that it is no specific Debian problem because I didn't have this problem with my two 3.6 MATE installations.

And I remember that with all my Linux Mint MATE installs Firefox stayed english and I had to install firefox-l10n-de with synaptic. So it is probably caused by either the program or the installation script (rather the latter, I can't imagine Mozilla making this mistake for years).
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Looks like, the part of the "Leave" menu is not translated and use English only.
Even after installing all available language packages/dictionaries, it still display that part of the menu in English.
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Did anyone do a "pure" debian install?  I mean, is the lack of translation a DE (lxqt) problem or a debian problem???


I did it with English and Polish.
It's the same.
It's not Debian's - LXQt came from Siduction repos.
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