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My Big Fat Greek Greeting!!!

Started by tronio, July 07, 2015, 09:43:47 PM

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Hello to all of you in the nobel Sparky community from proud and sunshiny Greece.

I am new to Linux and trying to find out the right OpenBox distro for me, so playing with several openboxes in my VB lately I installed Sparky OB just out of curiosity.
With the very first right click on its desktop I was amazed with its responsiveness!!! I want to install it on my system as my main OS but I don 't know if it is stable
enough, can you help me with some feedback? However, I find the two kinds of updating (apps and system) a very good idea!
I am happy in meeting you!!!

Cheers :)

The Black Pig

Welcome tronio, I'm not technical but have used it for sometime . Suggest you read this -



what I meant is that SparkyLinux community is actually noble and not maybe nobel awarded. At least not yet... :) :) :)



Hello The Black Pig,

thank you for bothering in reading and even replying to my post. Yes, I have already red the text you suggested to me and it is not mentioning anything about stability.
All I asked for was just hints about how stable our favourite distribution is because I did not manage to read the whole of our wiki yet. I know that Debian is the most rock
solid stable distro there is, something that is not quite happening with its testing branch (not to mention the experimental one...). Of course as I mentioned in my previous
post it is good there are two kinds of updates, for the apps and the system and further on, for the fact that updates are released, if I have got it right, about every three months
time, something that means relatively enough time for bug fixes. However, I just needed to know if every time I am about to update my software, I have to search in agony
in the news, in the forums and all kinds of posts to find out whether someone had problems with the certain updates, something that happens with the cutting and bleeding
edge distributions. You see I am a newbie that do not want to bother our community for help because my system crashed.

Cheers  :) :) :)


As you already know, Sparky is based on and compatible with Debian 'testing' - not 'stable'.
I CAN make some problems sometimes around updates, it HAPPENS.
But in cases like that we run the forums for.

As you already know, we don't suggest Sparky to NEW Linux users.
There are a few user friendly distributions in the world, they can make more happy new Linux users for sure.

Anyway if you decide to try Sparky, don't hesitate to ask your questions whatever it is.

Take care
Nothing is easy as it looks. Danielle Steel
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Hello pavroo,

thank you for your time and will to help and please forgive me for my late reply!

I know that the choice of a newbie like me to start the trip to linux from Sparky and especially its OB flavour is kind of weird.
I also understand that Ubuntu, Mint and the like would be most suitable for a new comer, but the thing is that I want to get to the
nuts and bolts of my OS not just use it and I feel that Sparky will offer me much more in that aspect.

However, in my crucial question whether updating could break my system quite often your answer was "it HAPPENS", something'
that lets me understand it can happen but not that often, Sparky is relatively stable. Have I got it right or not?

Cheers  :)

The Black Pig

Yup  tronio ' I consider it very stable , pavroo is just covering himself as he is the developer  :)
The only time it has been 'unstable'  has been caused by me messing around  :P


Hello The Black Pig,

thanks a lot for your confirmation, I can 't wait installing Sparky!!! Can I ask for the community 's help in partitioning my drive?

Cheers  :)

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