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[solved]not connecting to printer

Started by houndhen, July 04, 2015, 05:02:38 AM

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Running Sparky Mate 64 bit on multiboot system with Win 7 pro. I have a HP 6500 All-in-one that I use in Win 7 and other Linux distros. Can't get Sparky to connect to the printer. I searched thru the HP possibilities and found the 6500 and tried both drivers but neither worked. I am not that versed in CUPS but it seemed like when trying to add a printer my printer showed up but it was not connected to the computer.  I tried to print a test page but then had to empty the que because the printer was not connected. I have since tried to print from Windows and PCLOS and the printer still works there. I am not networked. My system is a home desktop and I am the only one that uses it. Usually the printer is just found by the distro and it works. What do I need to do or learn?



I don't know what I did but just kept trying and got it to working. Printed a test page, anyway. I must have been picking an incorrect printer from the HP list.



This glitch CUPS when you first start / after update

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