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Installing Liquorix Kernal

Started by brian, July 01, 2015, 03:27:46 PM

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Hi,After installing Liquorix kernal I see that the kernal displayed by conky is 4.0.0-2-amd64.
I see that in the primary boot selection at startup I can select the Liquorix 4.0.6.
How can I get the system to boot the 4.0.6 as default?

P.S. Thats after installing the new Sparkylinux 4 LXDE and then doing a system upgrade on my lenovo T400.





Before Sparky 4 I had no problem with kernel changes and kernel updates but as MoroS said sometimes it happens, he said it happened with kernel 3.0

So what I did was goto

sudo pcmanfm


sudo thunar

depending on your Desktop Environment

and then goto


and delete the unwanted kernel and header file

and do

sudo update-grub

and liquorix kernel will automatically be selected.
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