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sparky 4.0 lxqt 64 bit install problems in virtualbox [SOLVED]

Started by ElQuia, June 29, 2015, 06:53:36 PM

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Hi. VirtualBox 4.3.12 on win7x64, previous installation of sparty razor works OK in this setup.

Created new VB for lxqt 64bits. booted live cd, ran install, on installation finish went for reboot,  froze on shutdown, reseted VM, started ok to login prompt, after login, NO GRAPHIC elements, no panels, no icons, changed right clic menu to wm, woked, but STILL NO panels, etc.
Rebooted in recover mode, did apt-get update and upgrade, went well
Rebooted, NADA, still no panels
Installed 5.0 RC1 version of Guest additions instead of navtive ones.
NADA, still no panels.

Ideas please??


It looks like a problem during copying files by the installer.
What you can do is:
- install it again
- install it again using the old installer (it's in the menu-> system)
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Will Try, BUT:

just booted live cd in a "test" VM, the live LXQT media on start shows ONLY the installer icon  and the "sparky online.."  icon on the desktop, NO PANELS, (there is NO "Menu")
the live LXDE media shows both before mentioned icons,  PLUS conky (or something like that)widget and it DOES show the usual sparky panels, menu, system tray etc

Could post screen capture of both, but can´t find a way to upload images to forum ???


OK, did install using old installer.  SAME result: panels ARE down there (lxqt), just sort of invisible, if I click on where the menu should be, menu opens. but low border panels are just a shade different from the background color. No widgets or icons on desktop once installed.

Any way of uploading caputrees (jpg)?


Looks like your sparky's lxqt iso image is broken.
Have you checked the md5 or sha sums?
I suggest to download it again using a download manager or bittorent client.
The live system starts with everything ready.

There is no option to uplad images.
Upload it to a free pictures service and link it here.
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There must be some other problem or interaction with virtual box and lxqt. i586 LXQT live has the SAME problem, LXDE both 64bit and 586 DO NOT have the problem

re downloading both LXQT, torrent this time, just in case, will do clean install again.

BTW, upgrade from sparky RC KDE to final on a Dell Studio notebook went Verrryyyyyy smothly  ;)


OK, same history, dowloaded fresh isos,  new VM, booting live cd/dvd




Try to reload the panel:
killall -9 lxqt-panel &
If doesn't start itself, run it again:
lxqt-panel &

Use "Insert Image" button to put image link next time as I did with your screenshots.
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OK, on live media it works (killall -9 lxqt-panel &) it restarts itself.

How do I get it to work on an installation?


Create a file, for example in your home directory, called 'panel-reload'.
Past it to the file:

sleep 6s && killall -9 lxqt-panel &

Save the file and give execute rights to the file:
chmod +x panel-reload
Make sure to open a terminal it the folder where the file is located.

Open from menu LXQt System Settings-> Session Settings-> Autostart-> Add
Give a name, for example "Panel Reloader"
Command -> choose the 'panel-reload' file just created.
Then relogin to try it out.
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ok, will try tomorrow, do a fresh install and try.

I guess this is a workaround until some final fix is available?

Will be back, thanks ;)


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Nothing to fix? How is that? Is that not a bug?  :o

(doing lxqt fresh install now, will be back)


OK, panel reload trick works. Doing system upgrade now, before installing VBox Guest Additions 5.0 and other apps


OK, back to cero after sysupgrade

killall -9 lxqt-panel & DOES NOT WORK, and the panel-reload autostart that is in place does'nt either....

No other third party software installed, no Virtual Box external addittions, just sysupgrade

Ideas Please ???

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