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{solved} Openbox menu in LXDE & XFCE CPU use

Started by toomanyquestions, June 26, 2015, 07:10:43 AM

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I have a 7 year old dual core 1.7 ghz that I am contemplating migrating to Sparky; it presently runs  Crunchbang.

Is there an quick & easy way to port the LXDE menu tree to the openbox menu file ? Obconf is great, but hand-entering all of the LXDE menu entries would be a chore! On a slightly different note, has anyone compared Sparky CPU use between LXDE & XFCE editions?

Edit: Pavroo pointed to cpu comparisons here -  | Menus are addressed by seppalta (see below).


You may want to wait for the version 4 of Sparky OB, next week.  (V. 3.6 is the current version).


There are many ways to add a dynamic submenu or menu to any openbox distro.  See and


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