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How fast is SparkyLinux and is it capable of streaming HD video?

Started by LAPIII, June 24, 2015, 05:49:55 PM

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 I want to use Linux on my netbook and want to know how much memory SparkyLinux uses As well as if it's capable of handling streaming HD video or high speed video games.


LAPIII - Your memory use will vary greatly based on the desktop you utilize. I'm not particularly familiar with Sparky, but I know openbox distros based on debian 7 can run under 150mb at idle. I would expect debian XFCE to run around 220-270mb. Somebody who knows Sparky better can give you a more exact number. I'd say if you have a gigabyte of memory you can do quite a bit with LXDE. My guess is your CPU will be your real bottle neck. How much memory do you have? What is your CPU?


Here is some numbers:
There are missing LXQt wich is similar to LXDE and KDE - 32 bit pure version consumes 320 MB of Ram about.
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