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Out of disc space?

Started by Aaron, June 14, 2015, 10:32:41 PM

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I'm not a linux pro but I have been happily using Crunchbang for about 2 years and I switched over to Sparky (Openbox)  to give it a try. I got it installed on my laptop I successfully got my ethernet and WiFi working, sound is A+ everything seemed great except I'm all out of HDD space..

Somewhere along the way I must have messed up the install my Home folder has a total of 7.6 GiB with 2.0MiB free, Root is 8.1GiB with 8.6GiB free, I have 184.0GiB free space. I use this laptop 100% as a linux machine no Windows allowed so I don't need to share it. I figured the lazy way would be to just use the free space and create my folders in there but it tells me "Permission Denied" (which I feel is very rude for an OS that has only been living on my laptop for a day).

I've tried going through Gparted but I don't exactly get the partitioning and I've already invested 2 hours wrestling with this mistake before breaking down and asking for help. Anybody want to walk me through fixing this?  :'(


Okay never mind I figured it out and I was just making a simple mistake. I had forgotten that under Crunchbang I used home and boot as the same volume but with my Sparky install I made separate volumes and wasn't assigning space properly.   :-[

I went back through with gparted and deleted the extra volume and everything is just ducky. So far it's a nice little distro and I think I will stick with it for awhile.

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