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Observations from booting various flavors of Sparky

Started by fredbird67, May 27, 2015, 08:09:49 PM

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I've become a recent Sparky convert, having installed the 4.0 release candidate 64-bit LXDE edition to my desktop box and my laptop.  I also initially installed the 32-bit version of the same to a USB drive I carry with me all the time, and while it works well, I did have a little problem with it in that after a few minutes, while on Facebook and basically putting the thing through its paces, I noticed that the panel would disappear after a few minutes of use.

I then tried installing the Openbox edition of the same (also 32-boot).  That version just plain wouldn't boot.

I then tried the 64-bit version of Openbox and it ran fine, although one thing I would like to know is how do I change the weather for my location?  Quite honestly, I felt lost with just pure Openbox. LOL (but I will freely admit that that's just me)  EDIT:  Never mind, I found where to change this since posting the above.

I then went with the 64-bit LXDE version and it works from a USB just fine.

Oh, and on all editions of Sparky, I keep getting different times shown on the clock -- it's like it picks a time zone at random when booting up, which forces me to resort to trial and error regarding what time zone I should pick to make it display the correct time when booting from a USB.  On my desktop and laptop boxes though, I've installed "ntp" (available in the repos, of course), which solves that problem and eliminates the guesswork, allowing me to set it for U. S. central time and leaving it.

Other than those minor little quirks (well, the 32-bit Openbox edition boot problem isn't so minor), I like what I'm seeing with Sparky.

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