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Leafpad and LXTerminal permissions glitch

Started by fredbird67, June 05, 2015, 04:13:34 PM

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I just noticed something else that needs to be fixed, and I've already fixed it on my computer:  For some funny reason, the ~/.config/leafpad and ~/.config/lxterminal folders are owned by root, when they should be owned by the user.  I noticed this because changes I made to LXTerminal weren't sticking (I wanted full-blast white and slightly larger text plus a blinking cursor and wondered why I kept having to specify that every time).  Ditto for Leafpad, where I wanted the line numbers on and kept having to manually turn them on every time.  Thankfully, this is a very simple fix, by going into PCManFM as root (sudo) and changing the ownership of those two folders from root to whatever your login name is (or, of course, the equivalent "chown" commands).

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