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Dist-upgrade and Java

Started by seppalta, May 15, 2015, 04:56:38 AM

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Yesterday I did a dist-upgrade on a Sparky Openbox after probably having done one only about a week-ago.  The initial prognosis showed little to upgrade, as expected, but then as  the upgrade continued I noticed a lot of activity centered on java.  Since I've never before had problems with java upgrades - I use the webupd8team version of Oracle Java - I didn't really pay attention to what was happening.  Too bad, as Java Web Start failed although everthing else worked fine.  I tried a few tricks including reinstalling the webupd8team version, but nothing seemed to work.  I even installed and specifically used the icedtea web start program without any surprises there.  It has never worked for this particular app, and most other java apps as well.  I didn't want to completely remove Oracle Java because everything  else was working correctly.  Finally, I decided on a "long shot" and installed the sun-java version from the repository, even though it isn't a good idea to install multiple javas.   The sun-java web start worked like a charm - launches the app faster than the oracle-java -  and I'm back in business.  (:>)  Feel free to enlighten me about what happened.  I notice the oracle-java installs in /usr/lib/jvm/... and the sun-java in /opt/java/64/..., which probably explains the lack of a conflict.

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