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Started by blakmoon, March 15, 2015, 05:12:21 AM

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the os is amazing
but I had some problems with it

wifi adapter rtl8192cu..fix easy with the linux driver in root mode..but wat if people doesnt count with internet to download
nvidia driver 6 series ..please add additional drivers to change it to propietary drivers
File manager isn't good
the txt files doesnt open on juffed editor just on leafpad
iceweasel outdated flash
software and updates doesn't open
add more wallpapers


for flash if you want the latest version, go to pipeliht.  google it.  there are instructions for it and its easy to fiollow
and it will work with mozilla browsers like iceweasel and it has drm enabled for the sites that need it.
Also adobe no longer supports flash in linux except for security updates.  flash development stopped at 11.  We are now at 17. 

fresh player is an adaptation of using google chrome for linux's pepperflash in mozilla.  Its noce for what it does but it has no drm.
drm for flash only works with native flash and not pepperflas from chrome.  if you just want drm install hal but it only works with
version 11 of flash for linux and earlier which makes it pretty useless.

Some wifi adapters arent supported natively in linux yet.  most wifi drivers are written by a programmer who does it for free and so
like most things done for free, they take as long as they take.  be patient. people have lives and families or just something fun to do
on a sunny day.  in other words, they are just like you.

if you right click on an icon you can change the mime type.  right click in the file manager go to properties.  you'll see the file association
click that and a list of options will appear and you can select one of those or type in a command for the program you want to associate
it with.  if you don't like leafpad (one of my faves)  then you can choose libre office write perhaps or geany if you have it installed.
whatever you like.

download wallpapers off the internet.  plenty of places for free.  go to and you can find links to all the ubuntu
community wallpaers for example.  install variety, a program that chn=anges wallpaper from internet sources automatically.

for software use synaptic.  gexec synaptic - thats the command to run. if you cant find the icon in the program menus
open a terminal emulator any type in gexec synaptic.  for updates you may want toi use aptus updates from the menu.
if this isnt working for you, open a terminal emulator and type in:

sudo apt-get updates && sudo apt-get upgrade && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade && sudo apt-get autoremove && sudo apt-get autoclean

in fact just copy and paste that into a terminal emulator and enter your password when requested and your all set.

what file manager are you using?  tell me and i might make some other suggestions. midnight commander thunar spacefm
pcmanfm caja nautilus  and dolphin come to mind off the cuff.  what's your desktop?  thunar is typical of xfce,
midnight commander is typical of server users, pcmanfm and spacefm are typical of openbox  and other lightweight distros,
caja come with mate, nautilus come with gnome i believe.  you can use any you wish depending on your machine spec
but you might pull in a lot of dependencies depending on which you choose.  a good place to start is to ask,
what isn't your file manager doing that you wish it would do?  from ther one can recommend options.

im not sure what you need for nvidia but you are always welcome to the non-free drivers in the rapos as well as
downloading non-free drivers from your manufacturers website if the free drivers arent working for you.  amd and nvidia are
well supported both with free and non-free drivers.  Intel is the real bug in the but as they do not releas non-free drivers for
their graphics cards.  to date opengl 3.3 is all thats supported on intel graphic adapters wehn opengl for windows support
is at version 4.4 i believe. and there is no opencl support at all for linux despite ther bing opencl version 2 for windows.
since the refuse to release native linux non-free drives, it is the case that we have to wait until someone writes the open
source software, most usually for gratis and the odd donastion from people who care a lot and so it takes as long as it takes
to accomplish this as people have lives too.

i hope i hhave answered all your questions.  please reply if you need further help.

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