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PlayOnLinux: PlayOnLinux is unable to find 32bits OpenGL libraries

Started by FranceIsBacon, April 08, 2015, 05:14:39 PM

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So I have already done some preliminary troubleshooting on my own. The problem was the install wasn't multi-arch, so I fixed that:

sudo dpkg --add-architecture i386

I then tried to install wine:i386 and ended up going down a rabbit hole of dependencies that Sparky refuses to install. Does that matter? Should I just re-install the graphics driver now that I set multi-arch to get the i386 libs? I don't want to mess with the graphics driver unless it's necessary, goofing a driver uninstall/reinstall broke my last sparky install.

I'm using the proprietary fglrx driver from amd, btw.

UPDATE: Reinstalled the display driver. Error remains. it doesn't seem to be installing the 32bit drivers. /usr/lib32/fglrx should exist, but it doesn't. Should i install fglrx from the repo then the proprietary driver? fglrx alone throws me for a loop with Sparky booting in emergency mode.


what are you trying to install?  i dont know what to tell you but maybe i can reproduce the process?






I had that error while using puppylinux and I don't remember the solution. I will google it and let you know.
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QuoteI've managed to solve the issue. For other Ubuntu 14.04 or even 13.10 64bit users who use the Nvidia proprietary drivers, basically Wine/POL are asking for libGL, but aren't pointed to the right location.

To check if you're experiencing this as well, first open a terminal and enter:
ldconfig -p | grep
Which should return something similar to: (libc6,x86-64) => /usr/lib/

That folder it's pointed to is not where the Nvidia driver's 32bit library is. So, let's fix that. Open a terminal and type:
sudo gedit

A text editor will open up. In it, type:

Now, save this text file as local.conf. You're going to want to save it  in the directory called /etc/ (yes that is a folder).

Not sure where it is? When opening the Home window, on your left is the Computer directory. Click that, and you will see a whole bunch of folders. Among them is the /etc folder.

Alright, we've written the text file and saved it. Now, open a new terminal and type the following:
sudo ldconfig

This will update Ubuntu to tell it to look in that new directory we saved in the text file. To check that you did it right, in any terminal, type this again:
ldconfig -p | grep

Now, what should appear is something along the lines of: (libc6,x86-64) => /usr/lib/ (libc6) => /usr/lib32/

So, now if you run any 3D game or application in Wine via POL it should be able to run. It should no longer say it can't find in the debug window either.

NOTE: This fix only applies to Ubuntu 13.10 and 14.04 64bit! I believe this issue only pops up for the Nvidia proprietary driver, but if this occurs with AMD's proprietary driver then this fix may not work. Intel graphics should not experience this issue.
Success gives birth to success? Failure gives birth to failure? - Sagar Gorijala.


thats fine for nvidia but he's using at fglrx and for that he needs

sudo apt-get install amd-libopencl1:i386}


sudo apt-get install libxrandr2 libxrandr-dev libxrandr2:i386 libstdc++5 libstdc++6 libstdc++5:i386 amd-libopencl1 amd-libopencl1:i386 libgl1-fglrx-glx:i386 lib32gcc1 lib32stdc++6

i found these in a post related to this error also

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