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Hallo to everyone

Started by Matsudaira, March 19, 2015, 08:06:31 AM

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Actually I should start here first. :). Its my negligence, sorry.

I am Matsudaira.

I have tested Sparky XFCE quite long in Virtualbox. I find the distro very fast, stable. When subscription of my protection software on my laptop has ended, I have decided to test Sparky on "a living organism".



I hope you've found it to your liking.  I'm less than 24 hours into my test ride right now and so far haven't noticed anything that would cause me to rip it from my HDD.

If you come across anything interesting, send us a shout out eh?


Guys I've been a distro hopper myself. After using sparky I never left it.
Success gives birth to success? Failure gives birth to failure? - Sagar Gorijala.

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