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Wireless(DWA-130) Net Connect

Started by Diahron Grismore, March 07, 2015, 07:33:31 PM

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Diahron Grismore

I am trying to get my dwa-130(wireless) to be recognized and work with 'Sparky'. No luck. I also use SloydXK on the same machine(dual-boot) and Solyd has no problem finding it. It installs and work perfectly. Both distros are 'Debian' based, so..., what am I missing? It would be nice to have the wireless to work. Wired works great. I do notice that I do not get any network broadcast information to select a wireless network provider. I feel there has to be something simple, perhaps, that I am missing. :(
A little guidance or direction will be appreciated. ;D

Went to that site and tried everything they mentioned and it still won't work. Back to the seek-out-destroy. Thanks.


There are a number of things you can try - have a look at for ideas.  You probably need an additional firmware installed.

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