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samba dolphin and surroundings

Started by carlo, March 01, 2015, 10:21:22 AM

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hi all
my office pc is like a poacher in a windows net:
there are some pcs and one pc which acts as a server/vault where users share their files:
till a while ago i had no issues in linking to the server and other pcs, though i had to do it from dolphin
now, i've installed sparkylxqt, but i did not format my home, and everytime i try to reach the windows net, dolphin or nemo or pcman i'm told there is a windows "net", but everytime i click on it i get a message like "connection time with server expired", do you know what might go wrong?


1. Installing sparky lxqt and using non-formatted home partition, have you used the same user name you had have before?
If yes, it can make some problems with many applications settings so I suggest to create another user account and try again as a new user.

2. Check do you have 'smbclient' package installed?
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smbclient is installed,
i've tried creating a new user but the outcome is the very same...

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