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Terminator problem

Started by pavroo, March 16, 2015, 12:45:34 PM

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Due to problems with Terminator which was in use before, together with sparky apps, I removed it time ago from dependency (of sparky apps) but it still makes problems, such as:
- doesn't start or
- starts and displays message: no shell found

As I suggested a few times to change the default x-terminal-emulator, some users, specially new ones don't know that so I added a script to fix it during an update process. Last night I uploaded to repos sparky-xterm 0.1.3 which sets the default x-terminal-emulator, if you still have terminator preinstalled to a default one of a specific desktop. If you have set it before and the update will change your favorite x-terminal-emulator for a one I set in the postinstall script, simply re-set it again.
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