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Sparky provides two tools to make custom iso images:
- Sparky Backup System
- Custom ISO Builder

If you make a spin of existing iso image or a hard drive installation of SparkyLinux you have to:
1. Change the iso image name adding 'community', 'custom', 'unofficial' or 'remix' in the new spin's name.
2. Let all the people know that you made an 'unofficial' spin which is NOT made by SparkyLinux 'dev' team members.

Feel free to customize it, and remember about the two simply rules.

Is Imagemagick absolutely needed for live installer to work?

You should ask the question Clem the Mint founder.
The live installer is a fork of Mint's live installer so I only fork it and keep following their work.

I was wondering after I have already set up my sparky how can I make a backup disk with all my settings and apps and not just a hybrid iso like sparkybackup dist does and keep it for an emergencies to install it to say another computer, Like I can with Systemback does.It also gives you the option to install for a new user. I had installed System back on Sparkylink test machines and tried to use the copy user data and settings box checked and it said that it could not read Live image even when i tried to install the same thing happened, from the ISO I had made of the system using Systemback. I could run the live cd but not copy or install even with out box checked for user data and settings always "Could not read Live image error."

Just short update.
I created wiki pages of Sparky Backup System, so if you have problems with building your custom iso images - read first:

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