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Cinnamon respin

Started by armakolas, May 17, 2018, 10:43:01 PM

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The new live/install iso image of SparkyLinux 2019.10 Cinnamon remix "Po Tolo" is available for download.

SparkyLinux Cinnamon remix is a Linux distribution created on top of SparkyLinux operating system. It is built around Cinnamon desktop environment and it is fast, easy and beautiful.

SparkyLinux Cinnamon remix is both beginner-friendly, due to Cinnamon's maturity, and powerful, due to Sparky's APTus smart tools.

-Full system upgrade from Debian testing repos as of October 24, 2019.
-DeadBeef music player replaced Qmmp audio-video player.
-Gnome-system-monitor replaced lxtask as the main sytem monitor.
-Evince pdf viewer replaced Atril.
-Pluma got removed. One text editor is enough. Gedit will be the text editor fron now on.
-grabc color picker got removed, although it uses almost zero megabytes.
-font-manager got removed.
-Cups virtual pdf printer got removed too.
-Firefox default security settings got changed. They are similar to Mozilla's default ones now. The addon "I don't care about cookies" was added.
-Anydesk deb file is not included in home folder anymore, because Anydesk was added to SparkyLinux repositories.

-Debian based for its speed, lightness, widespread use, big package-base and stability.
-Testing repository based, for always up to date applications and system.
-Semi-Rolling release, so that it will not need re-installation anytime soon.
-Cinnamon desktop based, as it is mature, smart and productivity boosting.
-Preinstalled programs that are among the best of their kind.
-SparkyLinux repository with a large set of additional applications

-Cinnamon desktop environment. It is the simplest of the modern ones.
-Firefox with Ublock Origin, LibreOffice, VLC, Nemo file manager, Transmission torrent downloader, Xfburn dvd writer, DeadBeef music player, Nomacs image editor, Evince pdf viewer, Gedit text editor, Gparted partition manager, Asunder cd ripper, DEBiTool, Breeze GTK theme, Oxygen icon theme. Applications are carefully selected for being effective and coherent.
-Sparky APTus is the most precious suite of applications. It provides lots of major apps for easy, one-click installation and the outstanding Sparky's advanced tools.
-Default application settings are mindfully crafted so as to maximize usability.
-Easy hard drive / USB installation with Calamares installer and Sparky Advanced Installer.
-ISO less than 1,5GB! Not heavily customized, not bloated, just kept simple.
-Fast. Responsiveness and speed comparable to light desktops.
-For 64bit machines with more than 1GB of memory.
-UEFI and BIOS motherboards supported.
-Continuously updated due to Semi-Rolling release scheme.
-Latest versions of all programs, with no compromises in stability, due to Testing repository.
-"Unofficial" spin, not made by SparkyLinux "dev" team members.
-Username and password for the live session: live, live

Get it now and spread the news!
Download from


The first release of sparkylinux-201910-x86_64-cinnamon-remix.iso was found to have two packages less than what it it should. The 17 users who downloaded the iso at the 25 of October 2019 are advised to simply execute: sudo apt install gnome-system-monitor sparky-aptus-upgrade-checker. They do not need to reinstall using the corrected iso. The sparkylinux-2019.10-x86_64-cinnamon-remix.iso that is hosted at sourceforge has already been replaced by the corrected iso. I sincerely apologize for this fault.

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