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Nvidia videocard drivers work heres how

Started by Wolfy, January 28, 2015, 06:37:02 PM

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I was playing around with this distro I installed gameover the older one and updated everything but could not figureout how to install the nvidia drivers for my gtx750 well someone in the posts said to use the force command to get DDM to run it even says that in a box when I tried to start it so I right clicked the icon in the menu left clicked properties and added --force after the command line it works! then at the bottom I saw help funny really so I clicked on it a page opened up with details on how to use the program but that wasn't what worked below that was a command line install very simple all it said was type install - nvidia I used the root terminal in Sparky not sure if that matters here is the text from that page :

# install-nvidia
This will select the right drivers for your Nvidia graphical card. It will select the Bumblebee drivers in case you have a hybrid card (both Nvidia and Intel).
If you want to remove these drivers, you can run the install-nouveau command (see below).

# install-nouveau
You can use this command if you want to revert back to the open Nouveau drivers.
It will remove any proprietary drivers from your system.

I also included the part on how to get nouveau drivers back but I haven't tried that one but am sure it will work anyway thought I would put this out there saw many were having trouble with the install of drivers  ;)

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