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New 2015 year started already so it's time to make plans.

Releases for 2015:

4.0 - 25th Of June
4.1 - 25th of September
4.2 - 21st of December

To do:
1. Keep moving all sparky tools to the sourceforge git repos - done
2. Merge 'sparky-remastersys' and 'sparky-backup-sys' into a one tool to be used by devs and lets users to make others spins - done
3. Rebuid efi images and add EFI support for 32 bit machines  - under development (MoroS) - done
4. Replace LXDE and Razor-Qt Editions into LXQt - done - not repladed, but LXQt added; so LXDE and LXQt available, Razor-Qt dropped
5. Due to changes in LXDE - replace LXDE for Xfce(?) in GameOver edition ? - not needed yet, GameOver still with LXDE
6. Keep building Enlightenment packages to provide the freshes E versions.
7. Re-Branding - done
8. Users Wiki - under development
--- Code ---
--- End code ---

Razor-Qt spin will be dropped for sure, but I am not sure about LXDE.
Other suggestions leave under this topic so we can talk about that.

Debian Jessie will be stable this year so Sparky should change its numbering from 3 to 4.
We need a new code name as well !

I'll use this reply as a bit of an introduction ...

I would like to see the documentation -- user guides, FAQ, tutorials, that sort of thing -- expand for Sparky in 2015. In that vein, pavroo and I have been exchanging ideas through email. We've talked about setting up a wiki, so hopefully that will happen soon and maybe some people will feel motivated to contribute to it!

My name is Mark and I'm a US citizen. I work in the IT field at a small college (only Windows, unfortunately) and have some experience writing documentation for Linux. I've been using Linux since around '98 but have not always owned a computer during that time, so don't let the fact that I started with Linux 15+ years ago fool you into thinking I'm an expert.  :) For the vast majority of that time I've used Debian or a Debian-based distro and Enlightenment has been my favored GUI for ~5 years.

That's all for now. I'm open to any ideas anyone has for docs/wiki/guides/etc.



--- Quote from: pavroo on January 21, 2015, 02:49:38 pm ---3. Rebuid efi images and add EFI support for 32 bit machines

--- End quote ---
Under development. ;)

--- Quote from: pavroo on January 21, 2015, 02:49:38 pm ---6. Keep building enlightenment packages to provide the freshes E versions.

--- End quote ---
I'm thinking about (and currently designing) a port-based system for Sparky (for internal use) to ease our tasks in building custom packages. It'll be something similar to Arch's pacman and Gentoo's portage, but a lot simpler. We don't need that level of complexity (at least not now). Basic features I've been thinking about:

* Dependency management - download and install required *-dev packages or, if required, build dependencies prior to building the target package
* Build management - handle the few popular building systems available (autogen, configure, make, cmake or simple repackaging and compression)
* DEB package creation - automatically create DEB packages from the built sourcesI'm quite laze when it comes to building everything, so I want to have a system that'll require only modifying metadata and issuing a command or two. Pavroo, your experiences in building E packages will be quite valuable here. :)

The Black Pig:
Merge 'sparky-remastersys' and 'sparky-backup-sys' into a one tool to be used by devs and lets users to make others spins - done
Is this now available ? if so how do we install ?

It's done already:

--- Code ---
--- End code ---

It can be used from a command line or fully automatically via a gui.
Simply install/upgrade sparky-backup-sys up to version 20150119 (changed numbering from 0.x.x to a date).


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