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Where are sparky wallpapers stored?

Started by PNWDrew, January 10, 2015, 06:58:17 AM

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I switched to a different wallpaper briefly and now cannot find where in the file system the stock ones are to switch back to default Sparky one... I remember that it was made by liquidsky according to file name but can't find it through search (at least with my limited knowledge of how to search)


edit: nevermind-- I realized I was capitalizing the "L" in liquidsky when I searched - newbie mistake.



If you want to copy wallpapers from your storage to this folder then open a file manager with no permissions and copy into the above folder...

And, when you copy from your folder to /opt/wallpapers it wouldn't get copied...

Image folder with normal permissions and open /opt/wallpapers with sudo pcmanfm and goto /opt/wallpapers and then copy from normal window to sudo - root window.

If you copy from root window to normal window these files wouldn't open.
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Thanks way12go - I appreciate the response.

I found the folder when I realized my search error.  I forget to be case sensitive often.

-->Am I correct in assuming that the wallpaper chooser will just look where ever the current wallpaper is stored?  I DLed one into downloads and after that the preferences GUI opened that folder. That was my mistake it seems, I should have saved it in the opt/wallpapers folder. That would be easier then moving after the fact.

-->Not quite sure what you are saying about how to copy though.  You mean normal cp in a root terminal would not work to move my downloaded wallpapers into opt/wallpapers? I guess I don't get what you mean by "image" the folder.  My newbie is showing badly here.

-->Another question that came up while picking an image - I used the view options to Zoom in on the thumbs in the wallpaper folder and it also zooms my few desktop icons... and leaves them zoomed can I stop that?



Open normal file manager like

pcmanfm or thunar

Open terminal and

sudo pcmanfm


sudo thunar

and copy from non root folder to root folder /opt/wallpapers

And if like some pictures in wallpaper folder and you want to copy them to non root folder they wouldn't work because of permissions to the file.

Zoom option: I didn't try zoom before. But, if I open an image in web browser and zoom it sometimes in some webbrowser or some linux the other images are also zoomed and if I press ctrl+0 then all images come to original size

So how about zoom when you want and revert to default settings when you don't want?
Success gives birth to success? Failure gives birth to failure? - Sagar Gorijala.


I always install, if it isn't already installed, nitrogen to control wallpaper.   You can configure it (nitrogen>preferences) to get wallpaper from any directory, and even use it to put different wallpapers on multiple monitor set-ups:   
For more information, see .

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