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trying to instALL SPARKY gameover on my sons laptop

Started by jroo, January 20, 2015, 06:38:55 PM

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after making a usb stick i install it and the first screen comes up counts down from 15 and starts over i cant do anything and its a old dell d610 he just wants to play games minecraft is most important now lol im using unetbooting to make the usb stick any ideas and thanks for letting me post on your site


What CPU the laptop has?
What version of gameover you were trying to run? i586 or x86_64?
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That's an old, BIOS-based laptop with an Pentium M 760 CPU (32-bit), so make sure you're using the right ISO:

The x86_64 ISO won't work on this hardware (as written above: it's 32-bit).
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