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JWM Configuration Manager

Started by way12go, October 22, 2014, 05:23:01 AM

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Read my previous post, please:
QuoteThe app is useable, but it doesn't work as it should be.
The theme launcher starts, but it doesn't change anything.
it is a base if somebody would like to contribute and improve the app
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Okay thanks. I understand.

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Hi, sorry for the above channel. Ii's just a channel for fun, not real.
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Hi, I was looking to see if my (in progress) app was listed when I looked for JWM configuration... and I saw this forum.
It is fairly compatible with Debian, however, the Debian maintainer of JWM has a VERY old version of JWM.
I have tried contacting him to update it to no avail... so I also have an updated version in a PPA as well...
Anyhow... this App is written in C++ using FLTK toolkit.  It also comes with menus that are automatically generated, and localized.
It works well when you can use SVG and JPG files in jwm.  There is a basic .jwmrc (Default) that is included.
I am looking to develop this into a full program that covers every aspect and usecase for JWM configuration... so if you are interested in testing it,
feel free, and please contact me with any requests or questions.  I have built this for use in Ubuntu, so there may be some differences.

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