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Started by junagu, January 02, 2015, 05:33:53 PM

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My first try of Sparkylinux I picked the Enlightenment version. I've been waiting for an up to date Debian distro for that for a while now.
So far all good (though still getting quite a bit of SegFaults happening with simple things like drag and drop files and things like that, grrr).

But....I do a fair bit of internet work and use FTP and I keep getting this error when trying to connect to tried and tested sites:

"The data connection could not be established: ECONNREFUSED - Connection refused by server"

which all the filezilla forums suggest is all about firewalls and port forwarding. However - a concurrent fresh install of another Debian distro (#!) connects no problem (and in 15 or so years of using Filezilla I've never had to do any jiggery pokkery to get it working).

So...... I'm guessing it's something to do with the Sparky distro setup. What might be causing this? There isn't a firewall enabled as standard - what's going on?

Other than that I'm very happy with Sparky Linux so far. Good work.


Can you try to make ftp connection via command line or midnight commander?
It should say is it a general problem with ftp or only with Filezilla.

The firewall is off, you can check it out:
sudo ufw status
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No real help here, but I only use FileZilla.  I have used it with dozens of Sparky installs (Base and Lxde) on multiple laptops without ever a problem.  So it isn't the combination of the two that is the source of your problem.


The three good things with sparkylinux beside other things are

1. very responsive

2. rolling release


3. out of the box

lxde or xfce or mate or Razor-Qt or lxde---SparkyLinux 3.4 "GameOver" are out of the box

I think if we need to avoid few small problems with e19 DE " Enlightenment Desktop Environment " than it will be great to download and install LXDE and then install e19 packages and logout-LXDE and login-e19... should do the trick and, if you know linux then you can even try and build on top of cli base edition.

When I used JWM iso I experienced few problems and when I tried LXDE and went with JWM the problems were solved but JWM iso had better menu and conky enabled.
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the command line method does indeed work  8)



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