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Drivers and controls (AMD)

Started by Tyrannocanis, December 18, 2014, 01:46:07 AM

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Hello hello I just installed sparky GameOver and I have afew questions I can't find answers to with Google.

1. I have installed the proprietary AMD fglrx drivers with synsynaptic and I would like to know how to open the control center

2. On a related note I would like to get 3 screen eyefinity working and I would like to enable crossfire (2x R9 290)

I am new to sparky but I have about one year of experience with ubuntu I am not the most knowledgeable Linux user but I'm not exactly helpless but I can't figure this out!

Thanks so much in advance



I've had problems with the AMD drivers in the past.  How are they working for you? 

I do not have an AMD GFX card on this PC, just an AMD APU so not sure if I'd see any gain. I tried them before to solve problems with World of Tanks using Playon Linux/WINE.  After 2 reinstalls of Mint due to problems with the proprietary drivers I am leery of trying them. It is still a little wonky on Sparky but much better so I've been ignoring the occasional day-glo colors that I see while playing.


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