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Timezone/time is not correct in 3.6

Started by urbo, December 09, 2014, 04:21:41 PM

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I just did a fresh install of Sparky 3.6 Xfce and noticed my clock is off by 5 hours. I doubled checked to see if my timezone was right and it is. America/ New York. But it is not showing the correct time. Its 5 hours fast. Does anyone know how to fix this ? I have never experienced this problem before.


I have similar problem, even I have pure Debian testing installed.
So I set the time manually on my machine.
Did you try to install ntpdata/ntp package?
Any change after rebooting?
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Thank you for the reply, I'm at work right now but will try tonight when I get home and report back. Thank you.


Well thanks for trying to help me. I got home from work and put my hard drive back in my desktop (hot swap bays) and it wouldn't even boot up. Something with grub I imagine. Going to have to reinstall. Not going to do it tonight though.


You are the second person reporting a problem after upgrading.
If you use APTus to upgrade the system I highly recommend to use Fix Broken-> Fix Broken Packages by APT after.
In many cases the upgrading process stops itself if find a problem and it is not visible in the terminal, because it shuts down the window itself.

Anyway I recommend to use System Upgrade (sparky-aptus-upgrade) tool to upgrade the system.
I implemented 3 commands and a loop to avoid problems like that.
The app checks package list, makes upgrade, fix then checks again and makes upgrade and fix if needed (and again if needed).

Nothing is easy as it looks. Danielle Steel
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