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Safe or Complete Upgrade?

Started by dhinds, December 09, 2014, 12:40:32 PM

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The APTus on my Sparky Ultra Openbox (installed originally w/ v. 3.2 & upgraded to 3.3) shows two separate upgrade options:

QuoteSafely Upgrade the System


QuoteFully Upgrade the System

I chose the first to begin with.

In what way are they different?

After upgrading safely, is upgrading fully recommended if all goes well?

(I hope I didn't need to change repositories).

Thanks in advance for the explanation.


I'm guessing safely upgrade is sudo apt-get upgrade

and fully upgrade is sudo apt-get dist-upgrade.

What I do is,

sudo apt-get update && time sudo apt-get dist-upgrade

and I also use all the tools in sparky-aptus to check if any errors.

The above thing is a past process.

Currently I just try sparkyupgrade app in sparky repository.

I also have custom upgrade script which I named as "UP" and it's available in a different sparky-forum-thread.,2695.0.html,2698.msg4351.html#msg4351
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You are probably right.  I should have updated before upgrading. IAC, I did what I did and am now going to reboot. I installed another backup system recently, just in case the worst scenario occurs.

After rebooting, I'll know more.

Thanks for the response.  (I had already read your previous posts on the subject but used the installed application, this time.  Sparky Ultra Openbox was discontinued, so I haven't been updating even, since doing so on my Lenovo ThinkPad W520 produced negative results and I installed Manjaro Openbox on it.

(Manjaro also removed it's openbox edition from official status recently, although it performs better than it's flagship xfce version).

Sparky Ultra OB runs very well on this desktop machine (built from a Gigabyte X50A-UD7 & a first generation i7) and is the leading general purpose Debian Testing derivative, with very good forums as well. 

So far so good. (I rebooted).

But the Grub remains unchanged. Now I'll do a complete upgrade and reboot again.


On rebooting after doing a full upgrade from Sparky APTus I see that neither the Grub nor the kernel was upgraded so I am installing the 3.16 w/ Debian patches using Synaptic.

Systemd was not installed either.

I am installing sparky-aptus-upgrade

Done.   I am running it from a terminal as root.  But I get an error message:

QuoteAn error occurred while loading or saving configuration information for terminator.  Some of your configuration settings may not work properly.

The details state:

Quote(terminator:10746): GConf-WARNING **: Client failed to connect to the D-BUS daemon:
Did not receive a reply. Possible causes include: the remote application did not send a reply, the message bus security policy blocked the reply, the reply timeout expired, or the network connection was broken.

But the blue screen is running.

It says:

QuoteOne or more running instances of xscreensaver or xlockmore have been      │ 
│ detected on this system. Because of incompatible library changes, the     │ 
│ upgrade of the GNU libc library will leave you unable to authenticate to  │ 
│ these programs. You should arrange for these programs to be restarted or  │ 
│ stopped before continuing this upgrade, to avoid locking your users out   │ 
│ of their current sessions. 

So I start the screen saver and close it again.  The installation continues.  (I had to close Synaptic, of course).


On rebooting, some things no longer work, but nothing grave so far - except that no notifications are available and I can't exit from Sparky.  (Right clicking on the desktop menu and choosing "exit" gives no results).

I have the xfce4-panel installed with notifications on it but it doesn't appear.  I assume this can be fixed.  Most everything else seems to function, so far.  Seamonkey won't run however.  Qupzilla, Opera Next, Chrome and Netsurf do, though.

Ice Dove, a couple of Wine apps, Abiword and LibreOffice are fine.  So it could have been worse.

How can I recover my exit options (Suspend, Reboot, Shut Down etc.)?
(I installed a Debian app call "Hibernate" today - I wonder if that had a negative effect).

Thanks in advance.


QuoteHow can I recover my exit options
Install 'wm-logout' package.
Quoteseamonkey won't run however
Run it in a text consoleby the command: 'seamonkey' and show me the result.
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Quote from: pavroo on December 09, 2014, 08:26:32 PM
QuoteHow can I recover my exit options
Install 'wm-logout' package.

That worked - up to a point. First I attempted to suspend - but it wouldn't.  Next I tried Reboot - and it did.

Is there a fix for not Suspending?  (I can Suspend in Calculate Linux on the same machine).

Quoteseamonkey won't run however

Quote from: pavroo
Run it in a text console by the command: 'seamonkey' and show me the result.

$ seamonkey
(process:2458): GLib-CRITICAL **: g_slice_set_config: assertion 'sys_page_size == 0' failed
1418162822962 addons.manager WARN Application shipped blocklist has an unexpected namespace (

(seamonkey:2458): Gtk-WARNING **: Theme directory scalable/stock of theme NoirCrystal has no size field

As I recall, the Debian version of SeaMonkey is IceApe. Maybe that's what I should have installed.


Suspending doesn't work well, sorry. I can't help you with that.
Quoteaddons.manager   WARN   Application shipped blocklist has an unexpected namespace
It looks like a bug, there are a lot of the same info in the net.
There is not Iceape in Debian Wheezy, Jessie or Sid.
That's why I pack SeaMonkey myself.
Try to run SeaMonkey with new user profile.
Change ~HOME/.mozilla/seamonkey directory for: seamonkey-backup.
Then try to restart SeaMonkey.
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Issues that resulted from the v. 3.3 > 3.6 Upgrade of a discontinued (but rolling) version of Sparky:

Wine no longer appears as an option when right-clicking on an .exe file;

Not Suspending;

Some (but very few) apps that won't run or misbehave.

(That's all I'm aware of to date).

All in all it was worthwhile.  Few problems have arisen and I am confident that they will be resolved.

Sparky is the best implementation of Debian Testing for all around general use (and only Kali -a highly specialized tool with far fewer options outside of that use- ranks higher on the Distrowatch list).


QuoteWine no longer appears as an option when right-clicking on an .exe file
No, it dosn't.
I built a small which lets install same .exe files via GUI.
It's package: sparky-wine
Install it and try, it'll be in the Menu-> System
Nothing is easy as it looks. Danielle Steel
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Quote from: pavroo on December 10, 2014, 02:15:33 AM
QuoteWine no longer appears as an option when right-clicking on an .exe file
No, it doesn't.
I built a small which lets install same .exe files via GUI.
It's package: sparky-wine
Install it and try, it'll be in the Menu-> System

I had read your announcement and had already installed sparky-wine but wasn't aware how it worked. 

After posting the above comment, I opened the Sparky Center and then Software, where I found a Wine Wrapper windows icon.  After clicking on it, I directed it to an .exe file that has be run manually every time I reboot, which installs Katmouse, an app that permits me to scroll within EccoPro, a windows PIM that I've used for years to store contacts, manage my agenda, set alarms and create expandable / collapsible Outlines.  It's an old program that doesn't support scrolling because mice didn't have them in 1997, when NetManage decided to stop developing it.

Katmouse doesn't appear in the menus under Wine programs so I have to run the installer manually so I can scroll EccoPro.  That places a red Katmouse icon in the notification part of the xfce4-panel.

FYI, the testing/unstable section of the CrunchBang Forum (for CrunchBang users tracking Debian Testing and/or Unstable) is full of posts regarding the difficulties they encounter trying to run applications that you have managed to successfully integrate into Sparky, a Debian Testing derivative.

You must be doing something right.  Thanks for the tip. I would still like to be able to suspend this computer when not using it, however.

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