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[ Solved ] How to Enable/Disable GPU Acceleration in Chrome & Firefox

Started by way12go, November 20, 2014, 08:01:49 AM

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[ Solved ] How to Enable/Disable GPU Acceleration in Chrome & Firefox

Google Chrome

To check if your Chrome / Chromium browser uses hardware acceleration, open a new tab, type: "chrome://gpu" (without the quotes) and look under "Graphics Feature status" - all (or at least most of) the features should say "hardware accelerated".

Here's how it looks like on my laptop (Intel graphics) after enabling hardware acceleration:

And here's another screenshot with this page before enabling hardware acceleration:

To force Chrome / Chromium to use hardware acceleration, open a new tab, type "chrome://flags" (without quotes), search for "Override software rendering list", enable it and restart Chrome / Chromium:


To enable hardware acceleration on Firefox, go to firefox configuration page by typing about:config in browser's address bar.

Now in the filter search for gfx.font_rendering.directwrite.enabled. Set the value to true from default value which is false. restart your browser after this is done.

In Firefox go to about:config and create boolean with
and set it to true.
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Remember that it might or might not work, depending on the used GPU drivers/modules. You might probably notice problems on open source drivers for AMD and nVidia or older Intel drivers, so keep that in mind when trying to enable hardware acceleration. :)
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