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How to install Thunar "Split view Patch'..?

Started by GeneC, November 15, 2014, 07:30:40 PM

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There is a nice patch for Thunar file manager that allows a 'split view' mode (toggled with F3 key).  There is a PPA for Ubuntu, but no direct method for Debian.  A 'patch' is shown, but I do not know how to implement it.  If anyone can give me any clues, it would be appreciated... :)

Author: Andrew | Date: Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Thunar, the default Xfce file manager, doesn't support split view. In a bug report from 2013 which requested this feature, Nick Schermer, one of the Thunar developers, said that Thunar won't support split view because "Thunar is by design meant to be simple and easy to use".

Since Thunar is open source software, Xfce user Román decided to take this issue into his own hands so he implemented the split view / dual pane feature in Thunar and released a patch, so everyone who wants this feature can use his work.

Thunar split view

Maybe the Thunar developers will change their mind and implement this feature at some point but until (if?) then, if you really need this feature, you can grab the patch from HERE and build Thunar with split view yourself. If you use Xubuntu 14.04 or 14.10, I've uploaded Thunar with the split view patch to a PPA so you can install it easily.

Before using this patch, it's important to note that currently, the split view / extra pane feature is pretty basic: it doesn't show up in the Thunar menu (you must use "F3" to toggle the extra pane on / off), there are no specific dual pane actions and you can't set Thunar to start in split view mode by default. Also, the patch may have bugs.

The patch itself.


Add normal repo instead of ppa:
sudo nano /etc/apt/sources.list.d/webupd8team.list
Paste it to the file:
deb trusty main
deb-src trusty main

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install thunar

sudo apt-get dist-upgrade
Probably it will tell you that there is a public key missing so install it or ignore.
If it doesn't work, change 'trusty' to 'utopic'.
Nothing is easy as it looks. Danielle Steel
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QuoteNothing is easy as it looks.
.....  ;)

Not that easy...
Thunar in Debian testing is on 1.6.3-2
The ubuntu...  package is 1.6.3-1.  I even tried using the 'force-package' option in synaptic, but no good.  It wants to remove.. xfdesktop4...
Not the best idea to use Ubuntu packages in any event (though I have in the past..).. :-[


I believe the source code for Thunar would have to be downloaded, patch applied, and then compiled..  I have limited experience in compiling, but have no idea on how to apply the patch..  I see a 'patch' directory in the source code main folder.  Would I simply make the patch file and insert there and compile?  That does not seem quite right..

I believe i will wait until someone more knowledgeable does it.  It seems like a popular option, perhaps the Debian folks will step up..



You are right, it's not good option.
I haven't checked numbers :)
Nothing is easy as it looks. Danielle Steel
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thunar 1.6.3-2 MIGRATED to testing

FYI: The status of the thunar source package
in Debian's testing distribution has changed.

  Previous version: 1.6.3-1
  Current version:  1.6.3-2

QuoteHi all,

A few days ago, there was a patch[0] released that adds a 'split' view support for the thunar file manager like most modern file managers have.

I have patched my thunar with it and so far so good, it works as expected.
This is a NMU upload, and I would like to contribute it if I can.

Best regards,
Mijo Medvedec

QuoteOn a personal part, I don't really think that's really useful. But in
any case, that need to go upstream first.


Attachment: Patch ---


deb utopic main
deb-src utopic main
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Hi  way12go... :)

Thanks for your efforts.  Yes, it does not appear to be worth the effort right now with our version of Thunar being newer than the patched deb.  I downloaded the patch itself (17457-001.bin), but honestly do not know what to do with it.

I will just wait to see any new developments.. ;)


Quote from: GeneC on November 16, 2014, 02:42:29 PM
I downloaded the patch itself (17457-001.bin), but honestly do not know what to do with it.

The standard procedure for this is always the same:

  • Download package sources.
  • Apply patch.
  • Resolve conflicts.
  • Make package compile again.
  • Build package.
  • Create .deb.
  • Install .deb.
  • Test. If problems occur go to step 1. ;)

I wish we had more time to play around with making custom versions of certain packages and adding the more usable bits and pieces. :P
There's no such thing as "impossible". :)


Quote from: MoroS on November 20, 2014, 12:27:42 PM

  • ...............Apply patch

I wish we had more time to play around with making custom versions of certain packages and adding the more usable bits and pieces. :P

Hi Moros.
Thanks, but HOW to apply patch?


Quote from: GeneC on November 20, 2014, 01:05:34 PM
Thanks, but HOW to apply patch?

You usually just give a command like this:

patch -i path_to_patch_file path_to_original_file
There's no such thing as "impossible". :)



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