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VLC and converting (need codec ?) [SOLVED]

Started by crypto, November 09, 2014, 02:55:13 AM

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So this is really a bunch of questions but I'm sure there all the same answer ..

I'm no newbie, no guru either  ..  I can follow direction I tried to find the answer with duckduckgo and google ... with the SITE: format.

With that said the issue is i can't use vlc to convert video formats and sometimes the video or audio speckles.. What is really going on is the convent button is deactivated.

So i thought it was a codec problem ... I noticed a extra-codec so i went to install ...  it wanted to remove vlc, audacity and numerous others so I did not proceed.

So the question is ... Is this a codec problem ?    ... or maybe permissions somewhere ?       

Or other option someone else has?   

To reiterate I want to be able to use vlc to convert video and audio formats

Thank in advance


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I never used vlc for converting audio or video files.
I used to use mencoder, ffmpeg and avidemux.
The question is what type of a file you'd like to convert from and to.
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Yes they are great choices as well ....... I just prefer the point and click interface ....

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