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Gnome 3.14 on Sparky (SID)

Started by GeneC, October 07, 2014, 05:20:03 PM

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Recently installed Gnome-Shell 3.14 on Sparky XFCE tracking Debian SID.  Just wanted to see what was new, and how it worked.
Easy install (gnome-shell, gnome-extensions, gnome-tweak-tool).  Looks nice and modern, works just fine, uses more memory than XFCE (as expected).  Extensions are limited right now. Not all 3.12 extensions have been updated on but there are enough...





I installed JWM, Fluxbox, XFCE, ( Open box preloaded ) Gnome and KDE on top of Sparkylinux LxDE. No problems what so ever. But, KDE fork DE Trinity is not available for Sparkylinux Jessie/Sid, it's only available for Debian Wheezy.

I just love sparkylinux. In my opinion Sparkylinux is the best Linux distro, if not the best then one of best, right on top of it.
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