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Started by johnh009, October 02, 2014, 02:37:02 PM

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After incorporating Sunday's (1 Oct 2014) updates, mate-system-log has been removed and is no longer available for re-installation.

gnome-system-log is available, but does integrate so well with the mate desktop.

Any ideas where mate-system-log has gone and how I can get it back please? Thank you.

Regards, John.


It looks like the mate-system-log packages has been removed from Debian repos.
Did you check MATE repos?
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No, I hadn't. Have now tried, but not sure where to look. Have tried the MATE website and the the GitHub ( link from there and carried out searches, but without success.

I do still have mate-system-log installed, it was just very slow to load (on a intel i5-3470, 8gb RAM machine)!  So there's not really a problem (just my lack of patience).

Thanks again, John


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