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to the E17/18/19/19+n lovers

Started by gospark, September 19, 2014, 05:34:06 AM

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As you may know the Enlightenment project used to be ahead of its time, when it started.
Things move quickly at FLOSS and sometime along the way, E17 development stagnated and the final release didn't't come out before more than 10 years.
It happen that Samsung liked E (the reason why is not yet clear) and heavily sponsored it. About 2 years ago a release manager was hired for E17 and development restarted full steam.
Since then, the release cycle ended for E17, E18 and E19.
For those interested to know what's next for E19, here is the current release manager blog:
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It's nice to see you here :)
I'll be following the blog news now, thank's.
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