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Netflix in Sparky ... easy using Pipelight

Started by timber, September 02, 2014, 11:21:19 AM

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I am a Netflix user and as you may know, Netflix has previously only worked under Windows (or in Linux via netflix-desktop ... which was a fairly difficult install under Wine and required adding Ubuntu repositories ...).
The reason Netflix only worked under windows was because of Silverlight which (until recently) would not work in Linux
Well good news!
Pipelight (which has been under development for a while now and used to have quite a few bugs) now works flawlessly in bringing Netflix to Linux users.
I particularly like this method because it uses Debian Jessie repositories only.

I just installed Pipelight and it's much easier to install than netflix-desktop and works nicely in Firefox (or Iceweasel).
It's basically 3 easy steps which are well documented at the Pipelight website.

1)  Install Pipelight ...
2)  Enable Siverlight Plugin ...
3)  Install User Agent ...
... simple as that.

Was wondering if you might want to pre-install Pipelight with pre-configured Iceweasel (with User Agent Overrider).
I think it would take little effort and might pay off in being able to offer the ability to watch Netflix streaming video.

If not, at least you can point forum users to these 3 steps to instant Netflix, if any should ask.
My install was in Sparky Razor-qt 64bit but I think the same three steps should apply to any version of Sparky.

Just a thought,
Dave (aka timber)


Thank's for the quick guide.
I don't use silverlight but I will try.
Nothing is easy as it looks. Danielle Steel
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Hi Pavroo,

May be useful for others (e.g. Amazon streaming etc) as well.
There are several different plug-ins, not sure which go with which.

For those of us that don't watch TV it's nice to have options.

I sure am liking Sparky, great distro ... Thanks!


Hi again Pavroo,

I just did a little research and found there may soon be an even easier way.
By using Chrome Browser (v37) and a User Agent Switcher it may be possible to do this without the Pipelight/Wine installation (which is still somewhat cumbersome).
Not sure what version of Chrome is available in Jessie/testing right now but it may be worth looking into.
I think I'd hold off on the pipelight install process that I described until I find out if this (Chrome) method will work without installing anything else.
Also not sure if this will work in Chromium.

Just wanted to keep you posted on this.
I'll be looking into it further.



Thank's again for your searching, it can be helpful for all of us.
Anyway I have closed the changing list already for the 3.5 release so your props I can test after. 
Nothing is easy as it looks. Danielle Steel
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