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Hello! New user here!

Started by urbo, August 24, 2014, 05:29:05 PM

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Hi, I have been using Linux for about 5 years now and really enjoy it. I enjoy it so much that all the computers in the house only run Linux.

I am from Gibsonburg, Ohio in the U.S.  I have just recently started using SparkyLinux and I have to say that i really like it a lot. Thank You to all that help to make such a good desktop environment. My favorite desktops are XFCE and Mate. I usually switch between the two. That's all, thank you.

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My first linux distro was some linux distro that is around 50 mb and I don't remember its name, that was almost 11-12 years ago. I mostly used windows os. Then I came to know of ubuntu 10.10 free cd and requested for it and I still have it, later I installed it then I switched to linux mint and this distro hopping continued for a long long time and I finally came to know that the best linux distros, in my humble, newbie opinion are

1. Opensuse


2. Sparkylinux.   And sparkylinux is best linux distro I've ever used. It's fast responsive and resource friendly.

I must conclude that from my limited experience and limited knowledge sparkylinux seems to be the best linux distro with almost no bugs/errors and sparkylinux's LxDE is the best linux LxDE distro. All other linux distros with LxDE desktop have couple or more errors.
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Hello, I am also new use in this forum but i like  this forum very much.I got more information about the linux from here.It is useful information and many people share their own ideas and information.this will benefit for the readers.


If I would be a writer, I would write a poem about a Linux. That's useful as hell for me. Helps me to work a lot. So, I'm goig to ask here to write such poem for m. Just to say "thanks" for everything.

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