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Reduce the number of the editions

Started by RacerBG, July 31, 2014, 01:30:29 PM

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Everyone knows that every DE/WM have a fan base, large or small it doesn't matter. Maintaining a few editions is easier than 8 (x2 for 32 bit and 64 bit) and considering that one person own them. I'm not Sparky Linux owner to decide which edition to be present and which not but based on my personal experience with other distros:
1. XFCE edition.
2. The future LXQT edition.
3. Open Box edition.
4. CLI edition.
5. ''Game Over'' edition (optional for gamers purposes).

*** Please consider the fact that Sparky Linux for me is a light distro.

If you ask me what will be my edition of choice when I decide to install Sparky: the XFCE edition . :)


Choice is a great thing to have.

So sorry I'm against your suggestion.

Few distros offer such options and the options they provide is to download and install community driven distros which seem to be buggy.

In this criteria sparkylinux is the best. It's moderated by our supermoderator pavroo and he is always available when we encounter problems.

If we come up with problems he would solve them and he just gets better and better at it.

The fact there is always a helper around whose response is quick and good and the fact this simple distro comes with all the goodies is what makes me absolute fan of this distro.

sparkylinux is best because

1. It comes in various flavors and can be installed on legacy as well as modern distros.

other distros have buggy LxDE versions but sparky's LxDE is best, if not the best one of the best.

sparkylinux is fast and responsive. We can always choose between openbox, LxDE, XFCE and E17 or E18 or E19. This is what makes sparky the best among the best.
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There is a simple answer to the number of available flavours of Sparky: the ease of usage. The user doesn't have to download the "one and only, proper version" and then fiddle around with it (install a different DE and such). Instead the user downloads the installs the ISO with the DE he wants already preconfigurated. It was made that way to minimize the effort needed by the end user to make the OS usable.

Everything here is being done with a few core things in mind:
1. Simplicity - everything must be as easy as it can (we're regularly working on it).
2. Performance - Sparky is not only meant for new hardware. The old devices should also handle it pretty well (to a degree: some DE are just too much for older hardware, so we've also got something more lightweight).
3. Stability - that's why it's Debian-based.
4. Keepin it current - that's why is based on the Testing repo. ;)

In conclusion: I wouldn't expect the number of flavours to go down in the near future. I would even say that there's a probability that it will go up. ;)
There's no such thing as "impossible". :)


No problems, guys. I respect your opinions and I'm glad to hear them.


Quote from: RacerBG on August 18, 2014, 10:42:34 AM
No problems, guys. I respect your opinions and I'm glad to hear them.

Same here. We're always glad if someone from the community throws in some ideas and suggestions. :)
There's no such thing as "impossible". :)

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