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Started by way12go, July 30, 2014, 04:22:32 PM

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Sparkylinux is the best linux distro ever. But, Bodhilinux is more famous than the great versatile sparkylinux.

Bodhilinux has something good, known as appcenter.

Bodhilinux has prathiba set, an all in one set for new users and experts alike.


I wish sparkylinux too has 1 click install appcenter that provides best applications for various purposes.

Yeah we have package manager alright but having an appcenter wouldn't leave new, unfamiliar users bonkers.

I wish sparkylinux has appcenter and "what to do after sparkylinux install" and personalized scripts which include youtube-dl script and so on also youtube-dl guide and so on. I do know how to edit margins of pdf using command line, I also know how to use youtube-dl but I keep forgetting.

It would be great if such appcenter and scripts come along in a neat webpage and also we users should promote the awesome sparkylinux.
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