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3 Sparkylinux Wallpapers (1920x1080)

Started by Liquidsky, September 10, 2014, 11:33:42 PM

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Hi !
I'm a new member on this forum. I also made artworks for deviantart. Today I want to offer you 3 wallpapers that I made in recent days to Sparkylinux.
I hope you enjoy.
see you soon...
thank you  :D

Sparkylinux Enlightenment

Download Link in 1920x1080

Galactic Spiral

Download Link in 1920x1080

Grey Spiral

Dowload Link in 1920x1080


It's nice to see you here.
I remember that I used a few of your wallpaper for Sparky before (Looking to the Future, Metal Ying-Yang, and something else).
I like your artwork and I'll be happy to use it again.
Thank's a lot
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Hi Pavroo
Me too I remember you. Glad to see you again my friend.
I would be happy to contribute to the evolution of Sparkylinux with artworks.
There are some days I tried Enlightenment and Lxde editions of Sparky and I was so impressed by the look and feel of this OS that I decided to made those wallpapers.
Keep up the good work... and thanks to you my friend.
Best Regards,

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