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[Solved] Debian Way or The Hard Way: Installing Google Earth.

Started by way12go, July 24, 2014, 03:35:27 AM

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Debian Way or The Hard Way: Installing Google Earth

By default, you just need to execute ./GoogleEarthLinux.bin to install Google Earth on your GNU/Linux operating system. Nevertheless; Debian provides googleearth-package, a utility to automatically build a Debian package of Google Earth. To all Debianistas, we are special, aren't we?

So, below are the simple steps based on my experience to get Google Earth in Debian.

1. Install googleearth-package
Quote[available in the repository]
Quotemeister:~# sudo apt-get install googleearth-package

2. Run the particular command to start building Google Earth package

In my case, I do not know the exact command. Hence, I issue

Quotemeister:~# dpkg -L googleearth-package

Yeah, there it is.

So, I run make-googleearth-package command. GoogleEarthLinux.bin will be downloaded from Google website.

Quotemeister:~# make-googleearth-package
    => `GoogleEarthLinux.bin'
    Connecting to||:80... connected.
    HTTP request sent, awaiting response... 200 OK
    Length: 23,852,601 (23M) [application/octet-stream]

    100%[==============================>] 23,852,601 8.91K/s ETA 00:00

    16:26:21 (6.64 KB/s) – `GoogleEarthLinux.bin' saved [23852601/23852601]
QuoteNot building on non-i386; use –force to override.

For your info; at present, GoogleEarthLinux is currently available on x86 (32-bit) platform only. That is why I received that error.

3. Nevertheless, who cares! Use the Jedi force,

Quotemeister:~# make-googleearth-package –force
QuoteGoogle Earth for GNU/Linux 4.1.7076.4458
    Supported Google Earth version: 4.1.7076.4458
    8< — (snipped, very long output) ———
    Package: googleearth
    Version: 4.1.7076.4458+0.1.0-1
    Section: non-free/science
    Priority: optional
    Maintainer: <>
    Architecture: i386
    Depends: ttf-dejavu | ttf-bitstream-vera, ia32-libs (>= 1.6), libc6-i386 (>= 2.3.5-1)
    Description: Google Earth, a 3D map/planet viewer
    Package built with googleearth-package.
    dpkg-deb: building package `googleearth' in `./googleearth_4.1.7076.4458+0.1.0-1_i386.deb'.

4. Install the Deb package
Quote[ change your version/file name ]
Quotemeister:~# dpkg -i –force-architecture googleearth_4.1.7076.4458+0.1.0-1_i386.deb
Please take note that I add –force-architecture parameter since I'm installing x86 package on x86_64 system.


Quotesudo apt-get -f install

6. Run Google Earth! Yiba yiba andre.....
Success gives birth to success? Failure gives birth to failure? - Sagar Gorijala.


Success gives birth to success? Failure gives birth to failure? - Sagar Gorijala.

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