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Sparky Intro for 'vrkalak'

Started by vrkalak, July 20, 2014, 02:06:11 AM

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Hey, guys ... you might recognize me from the #!Crunchbang, Debian or LinuxMint Forums.

I have been a Linux user, for almost 10 years - now.  Started my Linux Journey with Fedora, way back when. Moved to 'buntu for about 2 days, then found LinuxMint. A short while later discovered Crunchbang (Ubuntu-based).  Now, I only use Debian. (or Debian-based Distros)  I have played with Archlinux, Manjaro, Sabayon and Slackware - from time-to-time.

I used the Xfce DE, almost, since my 1st day with Linux.
Now, I am a Dev/Tester for Xfce-4.12

I primarily use either Openbox or Fluxbox WMs.

I am a Admin/Moderator for a couple of Forums - LinuxMint Forum, LostintheBox (Fluxbox) Forum and
Also, I am a Debian-Maintainer (DM) for the Fluxbox WM package. 

Check out my work at

When Jessie/Testing goes into the 'freeze' - I will switch my sources.list to reflect the Sid repros, just to play around.

I am discovering that I rather like Debian-Sid (unstable).  After Jessie/Testing becomes stable, I might just keep this install of Sid and have another partition with a 'stable+backports' Debian on it (for work).

I just downloaded and installed the 'last' ISO for SparkyLinux-Xfce-3.4.1 -- going to play around a bit.  Looks promising.  ;D
I really, like what you've done with Debian-Testing -- my kudos to the SparkyLinux Dev and Testers.


Hi vrk... :)

I expect to see more old LMDE users here, if in fact they do switch to Debian Stable.  I personally feel from 3 years of running LMDE on Debian Testing and not their Update Packs, that its really a smoother ride.  'Sparky" is really quite polished.
The forums seem quite slow.  Hopefully that will pick up in the near future.


Quote from: GeneC on July 20, 2014, 12:56:35 PM
'Sparky" is really quite polished.
The forums seem quite slow.  Hopefully that will pick up in the near future.
Forums are 'slow' -- not many members, are on the Forums - daily

The IRC chats are almost non-existent for SparkyLinux.  (What is IRC Server for Sparky?)


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